Cahors is the capital of the Lot, with all of 20,000 souls.   It's in a meander (boucle) of the Lot river.   Its mediaeval cathedral overlooks the street market on Wednesday and Saturday.   There's an interesting old bridge (the Pont Valentré) on the West side of the city.  
The "H" and the "S" in Cahors are silent, so it is pronounced Ka'or.

Within easy driving distance are world famous prehistoric cave paintings at Pech-Merle to the East and Font de Gaume to the West (near the Perigord town of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac).   The genuine Lascaux caves are now closed to the public (but "Fauxscaux" is still good).   It is probably only a matter of time until Pech-Merle and Font de Gaume are closed also.

East of Cahors is Saint Cirq Lapopie, selected recently as one of France's most beautiful villages. Rocamadour, a famous cliffside pilgrimage site, is less than an hour to the North.   North West of Cahors, Perigord provides a selection of mediæval tourist spots, notably Sarlat. Bruniquel engraving   The Aveyron area to the South East is noted for its spectacular gorges and classic hill towns, such as Bruniquel (left).   A little further away, Cordes Sur Ciel (arguably the very first bastide town) is well worth a visit   -   park at the bottom of the hill and walk up to the top.   The Millau viaduct and the home of Roquefort cheese are over a hundred miles to the East, but a day trip there is worth considering.

Art lovers may be interested in the Toulouse-Lautrec museum in Albi:  you can't miss the amazing brick cathedral nearby.   The Ingres museum in Montauban is worth a visit, even if the paintings of Ingres are not your favourites.  The basement was part of the Black Prince's fort and contains a mediæval rack utiliseé pour l'élongation des condamnées. There are some nice Roman mosaics. Take a look at the ceilings on each floor.
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